Rules and Regulations

  1. Application for water service may be denied or water service may be disconnected if anyone over age 18 who resides in the home has an outstanding bill with Paducah Water. Service will not be restored until full payment is made.
  2. The water meter is property of Paducah Water. Only Paducah Water employees or licensed plumbers are allowed to open and close the meter box lid. A customer needing the water meter turned off for repairs should contact Paducah Water or a licensed plumber to do so. Customers may incur meter tampering fees for opening/closing the meter lid.
  3. The water meter is not to be obstructed by landscaping, fencing or other objects. Paducah Water needs access to the meter at all times for reading purposes, maintenance or in case emergency shut-off is required.
  4. The water bill must be paid on time each month to avoid disconnection and/or additional service fees. After a bill is 15 days past due, a $40.00 Disconnection Status Fee is added to the account and the service is subject to disconnection. Once the bill and any service fees are paid in full, service will be restored.
  5. Disconnect Notice Calls are sent out via an automated phone message. To ensure delivery of these calls, contact PW to update your telephone number if it changes.
  6. If a direct debit payment or check is returned, the amount of the transaction plus a $30.00 return fee must be paid. Customers are notified of this by mail. If a returned check was used to restore water service after the service was disconnected for non-payment, service will be disconnected again without notice and will be restored once payment is made in full with cash or credit card.
  7. Late payments result in a 5% penalty being added to the account. If the payment due date falls on a 
    weekend or holiday, payment must still be received before the due date in order to avoid the penalty.
  8. If a customer is unable to be present when water service is scheduled to be turned on, all faucets/water valves inside and outside the residence must be in the “off” position in order for PW to leave the service on. PW will turn the meter on and if the meter stops running, the water will be left on. If the meter continues to run, PW will turn the water off, as this is indication of a leak or faucet being on, which could cause flooding.
  9. Per customer request, PW will check for leaks at the water meter and provide notification of the findings. PW will not locate the actual leak or make any repairs to the service line. The customer is responsible for maintaining the service line from the connection at the water meter to the residence, along with all inside plumbing. A $30.00 service fee will be added to the bill.
  10. Paducah Water does not charge a deposit for water service. A $30.00 non-refundable service fee is applied to the customer’s first bill. The service fee is charged for service transfers as well.
  11. Customers are allowed one leak adjustment in a 12-month period. After a leak is repaired, the customer must provide PW with proper documentation. If the leak and repairs meet the qualifications, an adjustment will be made to the highest bill affected by the leak. (See Leak Procedures under the Customer Service tab on our website for complete policy.)
  12. As of January 1, 2018, a Convenience Fee is applied to all credit and debit card payments made through our automated telephone payment system and all customer-initiated card transactions using our online payment system. The fee is 2.75% of the transaction total.the