Most frequent questions and answers

You will need to call in advance to KY Underground before you dig (BUD) at 1.800.752.6007 or 811 and they will contact all the utilities in your area that are members of the Kentucky Underground Protection Agency and notify them to mark their services within 48 hours. Remember Paducah Water does not locate service lines on the customers side of meter. Click here before you dig!

An easement is a strip of land used by utility companies, either underground or overhead, to construct and maintain water, electric, telephone, sewer and cable lines. The property owner owns the utility easement however, utilities have a right to access that portion of land to perform routine maintenance, construct improvement projects and repair utility lines during emergencies. Developers, government agencies, and utilities design these easements into the plats so everyone in the neighborhood will have access to utility service.

Decorative landscaping within the utility right-of-way is allowed with the understanding that any materials placed within the boundaries of the utility easement are subject to damage and are not the responsibility of the utility owner. Any replacement cost for such damages is clearly at the discretion of the utility owner.

Paducah Water will install a meter at the right-of-way or property line and extend a service line from the main to the meter. The property owner is responsible for extending the service line from the meter to the house and should contact the local building or plumbing inspection department for specifications and approval for installation of the service line. Paducah Water’s responsibility ends at the water meter.

Paducah Water waits a minimum of three weeks from the time a main is repaired or service has been installed before issuing the yard work order. This allows the dirt to settle before the final yard restoration is completed. Also, in the summer it may take longer due to the increased work load. If you have any questions regarding your property, feel free to contact us at 270.442.2746.