Fun Facts

Paducah Water is the largest municipal water system in Western Kentucky with more than 26,000 customers.




Paducah Water invites you and your students to join us for the grand tour of our water treatment facilities. Students will see first hand how raw water from the river is transformed into fresh clean drinking water. They will get to see our lab technicians at work and learn many interesting and informative lessons from our highly trained and experienced staff. To schedule your tour contact our water quality supervisor Mindy Martin at (270) 442-2746. Or send us an e-mail at Water Quality.


Educational Literature

Educational Literature Brochures, fliers, and activity books are available at our business office located at 1800 North 8th Street. There are materials for all student grade levels, and levels of ability.


If you are interested in obtaining information, you may contact our Customer Service Department at (270) 442-2746 or send us an e-mail at Customer Service. Please contact us in advance of the date you will need the material so we can make sure we have an ample supply to meet your educational needs.


The Story of Drinking Water Splash Activity Book



Reprinted from Splash! and The Story of Drinking Water, by permission. Copyright ©2001 and 1992, American Water Works Association.