Fun Facts

Paducah Water is the largest municipal water system in Western Kentucky with more than 26,000 customers.

Just for Kids


Willie the water drop wants to make sure that he is around for a long time! He is here to help you understand how to use water more wisely. Please help him out by clicking on the water drop so he can get his message out to all his friends. Willie says, "USE WATER WISELY"!


Did you know that fish breathe water like we breathe air? They can not live out of water anymore than we could live under water.


Did you know the earth looks blue from outer space, because it is covered mostly by water?


Did you know without water we could only live for a few days?


Did you know that all foods have water in them?


Did you know almost all of the earth is covered by oceans?


Did you know that ocean water contains salt and we can only drink water without salt?


Did you know almost all of the fresh water on earth is frozen? It is in huge blocks of ice called glaciers. Did you know sometimes fresh water is underground? We use pumps to bring it above ground.


Did you know that water has 3 states, liquid, solid, and gas?


Did you know that snow is frozen water?


Did you know that there are six points on every snowflake? But no two snowflakes are alike.


Did you know that we use the same water over and over again? You may be drinking the same water the dinosaurs drank!


Graphics Adapted from Splash! and The Story of Drinking Water, by permission. Copyright € 1990 and 1992, American Water Works Association