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Before You Dig

Why do I need to Call Before I Dig?

It all begins with planning your work. A careful review of your plans and your work-area prior to the actual excavation can help save you and your company unexpected downtime, loss of revenue and injury. A safe excavation can be achieved by following the suggestions and processes outlined in this manual.


Follow these four steps to safe digging:

• Call before you dig

• Wait the required time for marking

• Respect the marks

• Dig with care

The process of SAFE digging

KRS 367.4911 (1) By calling Kentucky 811 two business days before you dig you begin the process to a safe excavation. The fi rst step to a safe excavation begins during the planning stages. By planning your work, understanding your work area, and deciding when you plan to start your dig, you are on your way to digging safely.


Plan before you make the call:

• Assess your route or excavation site

• Gather all your information

• Premark the location in white paint, if requested


Now you can make the call Dial 811
or 1-800-752-6007 Dig with Care


For a downloadable brochure of the Kentucky811 Excavator Manual, click here.